Headache – Case 1 (Tention Headache) – Orange Acupuncture

Tx 1 :
This patient came with an on-going headache during his visit.

The headache happeneds about 4 times per week, for the past 3-4 months. Usually it’s a pressure-ache on his forehead and radiates to the side of his head and the back of his eyes. It usually stays for a few hours.

  • I used 1 point on his hand, and 3 points on his legs and feet. The headache was reduced instantly. I let him rest with those needles for 30 minutes. He left the clinic with no headache at all.

Tx 2 : 2 weeks later
He had 2 headaches in the past week. Intensity reduced and did not radiate to the back of his eyes.

  • Same Treatment

Tx 3 : 1 week later
Only 1 headache in the past week. Intensity reduced. No radiation.

  • Same treatment

Tx 4 : 1 week later
Just a few occurrences of uncomfortable feelings in the past week. Intensity level very low.

  • Same treatment.

This patient gave me a review said that his headache was gone after the last treatment.

Orange Acupuncture
Winston Wang

Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain , Foot Pain – Case 1 – Orange Acupuncture

Tx 1 :
This patient has been having right foot pain for 8 months. The pain is mainly around her heel and radiates to the bottom her whole foot
Almost anytime when she put her weight on her feet, the pain begins. She said that it feels like she’s stepping on glasses.

She has been taking pain killers, receiving treatment from physical therapist, and icing it 2-3 times a day. But nothing can really stop her pain.

  • I treat this patient with only 4 points. 2 on her left hand, 1 on her right foot.
    I ask her to walk around before and after I insert the needles. She told me right after I insert the needles, her pain decreased 50% and it stays that way until she left my clinic.

I told her it’s to be expected that the pain might come back a bit, but usually, it will be better than before.
And most importantly, do not apply ice anymore, it slows down the recovery.

Tx 2 : 1 day later
She comes in the next day because she’s going to leave the area soon.
She said the pain stays at 50% of the original, with no pain killers or icing.

  • I did the same treatment.

The pain was decreased to 10% even with walking.

Orange Acupuncture
Winston Wang

Diabetes causing Neuropathy – case 1 – Orange Acupuncture

Tx 1:

This patient has been having diabetes for more than 10 years. He used to be taking medication to control his blood sugar, but he recently stopped taking it.

By the time I saw him, he said his blood sugar was over 200 when he last check. Apparently, he even gave up on checking it everyday.

He came for the numbness, tingling, and electric shock feelings on his feet, which has been getting worse in the past year.

  • The points I used was on his chest, both hands, and feet, a total of 6 needles. Left them with him for 30 minutes.

Tx 2 : 
a week later

He said that within 3 days of the last treatment, he didn’t have any tinglings on his feet. But it came back after 3days.

The numbness was the same. he had electric shock feelings only on the day before the Tx 2.

  • same treatment

Tx 3 : a week later

Same as last week. The tinglings went away for 2-3 days, then it came back.
But now it’s on & off, not all the time.

Electric shock feelings happen only a few times this week.

Numbness stays the same.

  • same treatment. And we decide to change the treatment frequency to twice a week

Tx 4 : 3 days later

No tinglings so far. A few times of electric shock feelings. Numbness stays the same.

Encourage him to check his blood sugar everyday.

  • same treatment

Tx 5 : 5 days later

No tinglings. Electric shock feelings less than before. Numbness seems to became better.

Blood sugar still stays around 200, with no medication.

  • same treatment, suggest him to try herb pills for his blood sugar

Tx 6 : 2 days later

No tinglings. Electric shock feelings only on the left leg. Numbness significantly became better.

Blood sugar around 190

I told him he needs some rice in his diet because his energy level is low.
Don’t eat too much sugar, but eat normally like anyone else, don’t need to control the diet too strictly.

  • same treatment + herb (3 times a day, for 4 days straight)

Tx 7 : 5 days later

Numbness became even better, but he felt a bit tingling again. Also experiencing some cramps at night.
I told him this is normal. He’s experiencing these because his nerves and sensations are recovering.

Blood sugar 180-186

Has been eating normally, sometimes even some sweets.
Eating rice everyday.

  • same treatment + No herb this time

Tx 8 : 3 days later

Numbness became even better. Still having cramps at night, but less.

Blood sugar around 170

  • same treatment + herb (3 times a day, for 4 days straight)

Tx 9 : 5 days later

He has been walking a lot this weekend. Feeling swell and a bit tingling on his feet.

Blood sugar 170-172

  • same treatment + no herb

Tx 10 : 7 days later

Numbness is almost gone, still has a bit cramping and tingling here and there.

Blood sugar up and down between 170-190

I felt weird because the blood sugar was stably going down with the same acupuncture treatment and herb, but it suddenly came up again.
He told me that he was cutting down the herb by himself because it was giving him diarrhea.
I told him that shouldn’t happen, if it does, he can adjust one of the herb pill himself but still take the rest of them.

  • same treatment + herb (3 times a day, for 4 days straight)

Tx 11 : 7 days later

The numbness only on calf area, he told me it feels exactly the same when he first started to feel numbness on his leg many years ago.

blood sugar 160 this morning

  • Changed some points due to the change of his pulse + no herb (he said he still have some left, apparently he didn’t take it like I told him to)

Tx 11 : 7 days later

No abnormal feelings on his leg and feet at all.

blood sugar around 170

  • Changed some points due to the change of his pulse + no herb (he still has some left, I told him again, he need to take those herbs!)

This patient is still coming for treatment. I’m totally sure that I’m able to treat his diabetes…..but he needs to do as what I told him to.

Orange Acupuncture
Winston Wang

Dizziness – case 1 – Orange Acupuncture

Tx 1:
This patient started to feel dizzy about 2 weeks ago. In his words “it feels like I’m always on a boat”. It feels ok when he’s sitting or laying down. But once he stands up, the dizziness begins.
He went to ER and did all kinds of check. He’s ear was fine, there’s some minor infection in his sinus area. They gave him some antibiotics but it didn’t help at all.

  • I insured some needles on his legs and elbows and let him rest. After 30 minutes, I removed the needles on his legs and ask him to walk around. His dizziness was significantly reduced. I further added some needles on his hand and leave it with him for another 10 minutes. He said the dizziness was reduced 90%.

Tx2: 2 days later
His dizziness is almost gone. Still feels a little bit off balance.

  • Same treatment


He came back for other problems around 4 days after the Tx2. Said that his dizziness is all gone.

Orange Acupuncture
Winston Wang

Ovulation & the menstrual cycle in animation – Orange Acupuncture

Menstrual cycle is controlled by this endocrine chain with dynamic equilibrium. It’s constantly adjusting and balancing, so it’s impossible to be manually balanced by a set amount of hormone supplement.

This is why acupuncture is a better choice to deal with menstrual problems. Acupuncture helps the human body to adjust itself and maintain its natural balance by stimulating a certain set of “Acu-points”. It might not be as fast as hormone “replacement”, which try to ignore the hormone that your body is already producing, and confuses your body even more. But once it leads your body back to the right balance, your body tends to be able to stay balanced itself, so patients don’t need to live with pills forever.



Orange Acupuncture

Winston Wang



Hot water is better than cold water – Orange Acupuncture

Hot water is better than cold water when it comes to hydration.

You would think as long as your getting the water into you, the temperature really wouldn’t make much of a difference, especially since your body will warm the water anyways. However, research suggests the body may need to work harder when the water entering is cold.

Although drinking cold water can be more satisfying which encourages a person to consume more of it, it may not work to its greatest capacity at a frigid temperature.

According to some research, the body has to expend extra energy to bring cold water to a temperature in line with its surroundings, effectively using up some of the water which could be needed to hydrate vital organs.

Further study shows that cold water, in comparison to hot, passes through the digestive system and solidifies the fat from stores of food. This can make it harder for the body to break down and digest foods.

Cold water can also shrink the blood vessels in and around the stomach, making absorption more difficult and full hydration less likely.

The rule of thumb? Drink a cup of hot water first thing in the morning to encourage good health and proper hydration all day through.


Here are just a few of the benefits that drinking hot water in the morning can have:

Relieve Pain

Believe it or not, a glass of hot water can be nearly all you need to soothe body pain and headaches. The heat helps improve capillary circulation thereby relaxing the muscles and nerves in the body and minimizing the stress of tension.

Women can particularly benefit from a cup of hot water during painful menstruation as it can relax spasms in and around the abdomen and uterus.

Improve Circulation

Our bodies can be particularly stiff and sore first thing in the morning because the decrease in heart rate and slowed circulation. Drinking hot water can immediately improve blood circulation and loosen tight blood vessels throughout the body.

Slow Aging

The reason we age is partially due to cell damage from toxins entering our body from our food and the environment that surrounds us. Warm water can help flush toxins from the body by relaxing tight internal pores and purging the debris that may otherwise remain trapped.

The added hydration that warm water provides can also rejuvenate skin’s elasticity and encourage the healthy glow so often sought through chemical cosmetic creams and toners.

Regulate Weight

As opposed to cold water which can slow heart rate and lower the body’s temperature, hot water can actually accelerate the metabolism and encourage weight loss with a quicker caloric turnover.

Additionally, the kidneys benefit from a hot morning water bath and function better to help the body regulate blood sugar levels, relieving urges to purge on sweets and junk food which is a big culprit in the battle to manage weight.




Orange Acupuncture, Winston Wang

Head & Migraine Posts – Orange Acupuncture

Headache – Case 1 (Tention Headache)
one of many cases that acupuncture successfully healed headaches at Orange Acupuncture

WebMD.com : Acupuncture May Be Effective for Migraines
all of the participants — including those in the sham group — reported fewer days with migraines than before the study began…………However…….Three months after treatment, people who received traditional Chinese acupuncture continued to report a reduction in migraine days, frequency, and intensity. People who received the sham treatment did not…….“Putting needles in the patient twice weekly over six weeks does have a [physical] effect, but if we did it the Chinese way, we might be better off,” he says