Headache – Case 1 (Tention Headache) – Orange Acupuncture

Tx 1 :
This patient came with an on-going headache during his visit.

The headache happeneds about 4 times per week, for the past 3-4 months. Usually it’s a pressure-ache on his forehead and radiates to the side of his head and the back of his eyes. It usually stays for a few hours.

  • I used 1 point on his hand, and 3 points on his legs and feet. The headache was reduced instantly. I let him rest with those needles for 30 minutes. He left the clinic with no headache at all.

Tx 2 : 2 weeks later
He had 2 headaches in the past week. Intensity reduced and did not radiate to the back of his eyes.

  • Same Treatment

Tx 3 : 1 week later
Only 1 headache in the past week. Intensity reduced. No radiation.

  • Same treatment

Tx 4 : 1 week later
Just a few occurrences of uncomfortable feelings in the past week. Intensity level very low.

  • Same treatment.

This patient gave me a review said that his headache was gone after the last treatment.

Orange Acupuncture
Winston Wang