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 Treatment package for “Soft Tissue Adjustment” available: 
1 Treatment: $80
4 Treatments: $280 ($320 Value)
8 Treatments:  $480 ($640 Value)

What is “Soft Tissue Adjustment”?

Poor posture, repetitive motion, habit, stress….. A lot of things can affect our body, causing tensions and misalignments. These tensions and misalignments often stay in our body without us noticing it, until it becomes a problem.

Stiffness in the neck, back, shoulders and other parts of the body, limited range of motion, and pain in the joints are some of the common symptoms caused by these tensions and misalignments.

“Full Body Soft Tissue Adjustment” includes diagnosing of the soft tissue condition to design the treatment for each patient, and a set of manual therapy techniques to relax the soft tissue and realign the body. It is great for people who are experiencing symptoms, and also great as maintenance.

The treatment is soft and gentle, without needles, without intentional crackings. Each treatment usually takes about 1 hour. Patients often feel improvement right away.