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Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain , Foot Pain – Case 1 – Orange Acupuncture

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Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain , Foot Pain – Case 1 – Orange Acupuncture

Tx 1 :
This patient has been having right foot pain for 8 months. The pain is mainly around her heel and radiates to the bottom her whole foot
Almost anytime when she put her weight on her feet, the pain begins. She said that it feels like she’s stepping on glasses.

She has been taking pain killers, receiving treatment from physical therapist, and icing it 2-3 times a day. But nothing can really stop her pain.

  • I treat this patient with only 4 points. 2 on her left hand, 1 on her right foot.
    I ask her to walk around before and after I insert the needles. She told me right after I insert the needles, her pain decreased 50% and it stays that way until she left my clinic.

I told her it’s to be expected that the pain might come back a bit, but usually, it will be better than before.
And most importantly, do not apply ice anymore, it slows down the recovery.

Tx 2 : 1 day later
She comes in the next day because she’s going to leave the area soon.
She said the pain stays at 50% of the original, with no pain killers or icing.

  • I did the same treatment.

The pain was decreased to 10% even with walking.

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