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Ovulation & the menstrual cycle in animation – Orange Acupuncture

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Ovulation & the menstrual cycle in animation – Orange Acupuncture

Menstrual cycle is controlled by this endocrine chain with dynamic equilibrium. It’s constantly adjusting and balancing, so it’s impossible to be manually balanced by a set amount of hormone supplement.

This is why acupuncture is a better choice to deal with menstrual problems. Acupuncture helps the human body to adjust itself and maintain its natural balance by stimulating a certain set of “Acu-points”. It might not be as fast as hormone “replacement”, which try to ignore the hormone that your body is already producing, and confuses your body even more. But once it leads your body back to the right balance, your body tends to be able to stay┬ábalanced itself, so patients don’t need to live with pills forever.



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