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Dizziness – case 1 – Orange Acupuncture

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Dizziness – case 1 – Orange Acupuncture

Tx 1:
This patient started to feel dizzy about 2 weeks ago. In his words “it feels like I’m always on a boat”. It feels ok when he’s sitting or laying down. But once he stands up, the dizziness begins.
He went to ER and did all kinds of check. He’s ear was fine, there’s some minor infection in his sinus area. They gave him some antibiotics but it didn’t help at all.

  • I insured some needles on his legs and elbows and let him rest. After 30 minutes, I removed the needles on his legs and ask him to walk around. His dizziness was significantly reduced. I further added some needles on his hand and leave it with him for another 10 minutes. He said the dizziness was reduced 90%.

Tx2: 2 days later
His dizziness is almost gone. Still feels a little bit off balance.

  • Same treatment


He came back for other problems around 4 days after the Tx2. Said that his dizziness is all gone.

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