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How Acupuncture and Herb deal with blockage that cause pain?

  1. Physical damage can include a wound, an impact that cause damage to soft tissue, dislocation and/or damage to bones, a burn etc. Of course acupuncture and herb can’t relocate the bone, neither can it suture a wound. But there’s still a lot it can do.

    By stimulating acu-points, acupuncture is able to reduce the pain, accelerate the recovery, and relax muscles so the bone can easier be relocated. In clinical practice, a lot of pain syndrome are actually caused by muscle tension or slight spine dislocation that oppresses the nerve. Acupuncture with some exercise can help a lot on it.

    Herb is able to reduce the pain, accelerate the recovery, and relax the muscle as well. Compare to acupuncture, it’s ability of reducing pain and relaxing muscle are not that efficient. But it works well on accelerating recovery, and it can also help on diminish inflammation and releasing the discharge and pus.

  2. Coldness including the actual coldness which comes form the environment or food, and the coldness in TCM terms which usually has an expression of cold, tighten or stuck. Part of headache that caused by exterior factor is an example of actual coldness, and menstrual cramp that caused by “cold” foods is an example of coldness in TCM.

    Acupuncture and herb are both able to dispel the coldness, which can relax the muscle and vessels, and improve the circulation. But it’s also important that the patient needs to stay away from “coldness” at least during the treatment section.

  3. Heat in TCM is an idea that includes a lot of situations, but the heat that cause pain usually refers to inflammation. Acupuncture and herb are both able to diminish inflammation.
  4. Infection often cause reaction of whole body, it could cause headache, joint pain, stomachache…etc. Acupuncture and herb can improve the immune ability, while reducing its side effect including these pain. Flu as an example, often cause sore throat, headache and sometimes joint pain. Acupuncture and herb are able to reduce these symptoms, and accelerate the recovery as well.
  5. Weakness of Qi and blood is an idea in TCM terms, it doesn’t always means pathological changes of blood. Weakness of Qi usually refers to over all weakness, fatigue, reduce of body or organ function etc. weakness of blood often refers to poor circulation or poor nutrition supply. Acupuncture and herb are able to adjust these conditions by stimulate different body functions.
  6. High blood pressure is an example of irregular movement of Qi. The movement of Qi often express as the change of body function. The irregular movement of Qi can express as irregular tension of blood vessel and blood distribution, and become high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause headache and neck tension.

    Acupuncture and herb are able to adjust Qi movement, which means the same as saying “acupuncture and herb are able to adjust the change of body function”. So it is able to help on the pain caused by some of the irregular change of body function.




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