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Pain syndrome in TCM(1) – what cause pain – Orange acupuncture in orange county

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Pain syndrome in TCM(1) – what cause pain – Orange acupuncture in orange county

Pain in TCM is directly caused by blockage.

In order to maintain the normal function of a body part, Qi (the energy) and blood (including a part of Qi and the actual blood) must be able to flow through smoothly. Qi brings apart of nutrition and fluid flow through the body, and it also supports the immune system and keep the body temperature. Blood flows with a part of Qi, and it also carries a part of nutrition and fluid around the body.

Qi and blood flows in different layers, but Qi brings the blood to where ever it circulates. The tension of blood vessel and the muscle pump that brings the blood back to the hart are two example of the expression of Qi. However, blood doesn’t always accompany with Qi’s circulation, because Qi can flow in it’s own route, which is different to blood vessels.


Common reasons that cause blockage

  1. Physical damage or dislocation can obviously block everything flows through the part that has been damaged.
  2. Coldness slows the Qi and blood circulation, and the poor circulation cause the body part to become even more cold.
  3. Heat. The “heat” here means inflammation.
  4. Infection can cause the function of curtain area to be low or irregular, this could be a blockage too.
  5. Weakness of Qi or Blood can cause stagnation on curtain part of the body.
  6. Irregular movement of Qi or unbalance of internal organs can cause blockage on some body parts, and over flow on other parts.

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