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Happy Chinese New Year! – Orange Acupuncture in Orange County

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Happy Chinese New Year! – Orange Acupuncture in Orange County

Today (2/9/2013) is Chinese new year eve. The Chinese lunar calendar is not a moon calendar, it is based on both sun and moon. In China, we call it “the farmer’s calendar” because the growth of the plants is very depended on the weather, so the farmers needs to have an idea of how the weather might change, in order to do their work. According to the lunar calendar, Spring starts on 2/4 this year, so now is the time when everything starts to grow, and the weather start to become warmer. (although it is a year of “not enough fire energy”, which means this year might be colder then others)

To follow the change of the weather to adjust our body is an important theory in TCM. Spring is the season when everything starts to grow, so it’s better to get up earlier in the morning and do some exercise or take a walk, so the body function can be more active, just like the how the plants start to grow. It’s also good to have some new ideas, new activities….etc. Just don’t keep staying in the house or laying on the bed, go out and be active! :)

Anyways, happy Chinese new year!

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