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Sport injury (shoulder) treatment at Orange Acupuncture

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Sport injury (shoulder) treatment at Orange Acupuncture

1st treatment:


Patient came with a strained left shoulder from sparring practice 3 months ago.


It was painful to move his left shoulder when it just got injured, and became better after a few days without any medical care.

But the soreness, stocked feeling in front, and on the back of his shoulder is always there over the pass 3 month.


-> muscle condition around acupuncture points: 天宗,臑兪,厥陰兪 is not right.


–> Acupuncture treatment on these points to adjust the muscle condition, improve circulation to help the recovery.



Patient feels a lot more relax on his left shoulder after 30 minutes of acupuncture treatment.






2nd treatment:


After last treatment, patient feel normal for 4 days. The soreness came back, but feels better then before.


–> the pain relieve from acupuncture usually doesn’t stay for 4 days, so its more likely that he over used his shoulder when it wasn’t fully recovered, so it started to get sore again.


Same place, same muscle, so same treatment.


Patient feels normal when he move his left shoulder after the treatment.


Told him that he need to let his shoulder rest. Normal movements are ok, but don’t give it any load.



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