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Sleep and Insomnia by Orange Acupuncture in Orange County (2)

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Sleep and Insomnia by Orange Acupuncture in Orange County (2)

What can I do to improve my sleeping quality

1. Make sure to do some sports during the day. But not before bedtime.

2. Go take a walk in the breeze, under the sun everyday. It helps the body to adjust it’s bio-clock.

3. No caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine before bedtime.

4. Don’t eat too much before bedtime. A cup of warm milk, some cookies might help, but don’t eat too much.

5. Take foot bath with hot water before sleep.

6. Stick with a regular sleep schedule.

7. It’s best to start to sleep between 9-11PM.

8. Avoid naps during the day.

9. Sleep in a 65-72℉ environment, a bit lower temperature helps the body to fall asleep.

10. Turn off the light, make sure there’s minimum light possible.

11. Make sure there’s no noise. Close the window, turn off the computer and the speaker, even when it’s not making sounds that you can hear.

12. Comb the hair and massage the whole head before sleep can help release some mental pressure.

13. Close the windows, the weather might get too cold during the sleep.

14. Keep the bed clean, and do not decorate the bedroom with plants, these may cause allergy.

15. Remove all the makeups.

16. Don’t try too hard to fall asleep. Get up and do some passive, but enjoyable or tiring activity to do, such as reading, listen to music, or take a bath.

17. Move the clock out of view, but make sure the alarm is on, so you don’t need to worry about when to wake up tomorrow.

18. Here’s a video with some helpful tips that I found on YouTube. He’s B method is also used in traditional Chinese meditation, it is a pretty good way to relax and turn the brain down.





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