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What cause Infertility and how acupuncture can help in orange county

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What cause Infertility and how acupuncture can help in orange county

common causes of infertility

Infertility can happen to either male or female, it is not a “female’s disease”. The most common problems that could happen to male are low sperm count, low sperm motility, malformation of sperm, and blocked sperm ducts. The most common problems that could happen to female are anovulation or lack of ovulation (release of eggs from the ovary), and inability of the fallopian tubes to carry eggs from the ovary to the uterus.

What causes fertility problems in men

Because male’s reproductive organs are more on the out side of the body, it can easily be influenced by physical factors. For example, wearing a tight underwear, spending a long time in a hot tub, do extreme spots, or in some cases just sitting there too long every day could cause Infertility. This is the first and easiest thing that should be considered even before go to a doctor.

Mental issue like stress from work or family, anxiety, bad anger management etc.; lifestyle like increased alcohol intake, smoking, irregular sleeping habit, frequent intercourse; some disease and its medication like diabetes and high blood pressure; and age. These can all be the cause of infertility. Some of these are really just a life style or mood problem, as a health practitioner, I would strongly suggest people to fix it, not only for infertility but also for over all health and life quality.

How can Acupuncture can help on fertility problems in men

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as the only medical method in ancient China, has accumulated a lot of experience of how to adjust the inability of male function with acupuncture and herbs. It comes in handy while dealing with fertility problems, because it can increase the production of sperm and increase their motility. In TCM, we conclude the reproduction functions in to the function of Ren meridian, liver, kidney and their related meridians. Kidney and Ren meridian related problems usually comes with fatigue, weakness of low back and leg, easy to feel cold, low speaking volume, thirst or often light headed. Liver related problems usually comes with mental issue, fatigue, insomnia, discharge or some pathological changes at groin area. If the patient does cooperate during the treatment (we always need them to), the result will usually be pretty good.

What causes fertility problems in women and how acupuncture can help

Infertility on female is more complicated because the menstruation is related to a lot of things, and their reproductive organs are more complex as well. But it also means that if the menstruation is adjusted to normal, infertility could be solved in most cases. (See how menstruation works and why acupuncture and herb can be one of the most effective way to help. And how TCM look at menstruation and what you can do to help yourself)

Age and infection are two common reasons for infertility as well. They both can cause anovulation or lack of ovulation, and inability of the fallopian tubes to carry eggs from the ovary to the uterus. (Some infection cause pathological changes to fallopian tubes) The solution in TCM is simple: do the same thing as how we “adjust the inability of male function”. This kind of treatment can increase the overall energy – especially on function of reproductive organs. When the hormone and the menstruation are regular, the overall function of reproductive organs are improved, become pregnant shouldn’t be a hard thing to happen.






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