2050 W Chapman Ave #102, Orange, CA92868
(818) 923-6345 (Text message available)

Virtual Appointment: This is how an acupuncture appointment will be

Clinic located in Orange City, specialized in Pain Control, Headache, Migraine, Menstrual Problems, Menopausal Syndrome, and Infertility - (818) 923-6345

Virtual Appointment: This is how an acupuncture appointment will be

After you’ve made an appointment  with us, you should receive an notification Email with date, time, appointment code and  cancellation link . This same Email notification will be sent   again  24 hours before your appointment time to remind you.









Go to our  Direction  page, make sure you know how to get here.
After you enter the plaza, this is the place you’re looking for:



Since this is a Japanese martial art Dojo as well, we hope you can follow their tradition to face  the front wa ll   -> take a deep breath -> bow  and take off shoes  before you come in. Traditionally this is to show respect to the founder of Dojo and Dojo itself, but we take it as a good way to adjust your emotional status.

* If your religion is against it, It’s totally OK to skip bowing.














If you’re new patient , you will need to fill out a new patient intake form , we have it in clinic, you don’t need to bring it yourself.
For returning patients or those who come early, we encourage you to do 5-10 minutes meditation  while waiting.









When it gets to your appointment time, our acupuncturist will take you to a private room for diagnosis . He will ask you a few questions, feel your pulse on wrist and neck on both sides, take a look of your tongue, then do some other checks according your complain.









After diagnosis, If we need to do acupuncture on your back, or need you to change to gown, we will use this room.








Other patient will have their acupuncture done out here. The needle usually stays there for 10-30 minutes .









After acupuncture treatment, we will have your herb capsules ready in a pill box , with a note of it’s name. If you want to know the detail of what you’re taking, you can find it in our Chinese herb formula page.








Please remember to bring cash,  we do accept credit cards, but there’s an $1 processing fee, and we do not accept Insurance!

After you pay, we will Email or Text the receipt  to you, it will look like this in your email.













Before you go, we will help you to make the next appointment, and give you a card with the time as reminder.

This is how an acupuncture appointment will be, we hope this interdiction would make you feel more conformable while you come, see you in clinic!



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