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A Simple Way Of Meditation

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A Simple Way Of Meditation

In lot of cases, bad body condition is associated with, or an result of bad mind condition. We all know extreme or uncontrollable emotion brings bad effect to body, but on other hand, these people knows that they need help, since it’s too obvious.

Oftentimes in daily life, people wont even realize they are constantly in rush, under pressure or over working their brain when they don’t need to, even when they’re trying to sleep. In those cases, to be able to simply sit there, think of nothing and relax for a while will be one of the best way to maintain one’s health.

The meditation we do is nothing complicate or mystical, the way how you do it is:

  1. Sit on a chair that’s about your knee height, so you can relax your feet nicely on the ground, and create no tense on your back.
  2. Sit with your back and neck relax but straight, your hands somewhere on your leg that you feel settle.
  3. Breath with your belly moving, imagine you can breath deep into your belly.
  4. Close your eyes, try to focus on listening your own breath, count it from one to ten, and then start again from one, this can help you to clear your mind.
  5. If you feel like falling asleep, go ahead and take some rest.
  6. If you can settle your mind without falling asleep, start to search for the body part that’s not relaxing, try to relax them more. There’s always somewhere you can “relax more”.
  7. If you realize you’re trying too hard, or start to think other things again, focus on listening your own breath to clear your mind again.

     It might looks easy, but people will often realize how hard it is to sit there thinking and doing nothing for 10-20 minutes, take a look at the clock, see how long can you sit. Try to do it everyday, or every 1 or 2 days, you’ll feel the benefit of it.

**Do not do it before you sleep! In some cases, people will get used to relax without falling asleep, good for meditation, but really bad when you are going to sleep right after that.



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